Please read through the questions that people asked most.

You have many rooms, is the house shared with other people?
No, when you rent the house, there are no other guests than you.

Do you have air conditioning?
Yes, we do have air conditioning in each of the 6 bedrooms. However, in order to protect the environment they function only from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

With everything we hear about violence in Mexico, is Puerto Escondido and Costa Cumana safe?
The violence related to the drug cartel is happening in the Northern part of Mexico. Puerto Escondido is still a very safe village.

Can we surf in front of Casa Descalza?
Yes you can. On some days the waves are great to surf, but if you are serious surfer you will probably want to drive into town to the world famous Mexican pipeline at Zicatela Beach.

Can we swim in front of your villa?
Yes you can. The beach is sandy, with a gradual slope, and the water is warm but the ocean can sometimes be strong and you must be very careful. We recommend using a floatation device such as a boogie board or life jacket for children or anyone that is not a strong swimmer and to never go in the ocean alone.

Is there malaria in Puerto Escondido?
Puerto Escondido is a malaria free zone and there is no need for medication.

Can we drink water?
Filtered water is available in a water jug in each room. Water from the tap is not filtered and therefore not for consumption. Our staff replenishes your jug every morning but will be happy to do so at any time if you let them know. Otherwise, a large filtered water container is located next to the kitchen where you can, at any time, fill up your glass. The staff only uses filtered water when they cook and they clean vegetables using special drops added to the water.

Will my mobile or cell phone work?
Reception is not great but very good if you use our wifi.

What is the tipping or gratuity policy?
Our staff work very hard and recommend to express your appreciation by leaving them a tip or gratuity at the end of your stay. As a general guideline, we would suggest 200 pesos per adult guest per day. These gratuities go directly to the staff.

Where can I play golf or tennis?
Tennis courts are available at the Best Western hotel in Puerto Escondido. Some of the best golf courses are available in nearby Huatulco.

Is there a gym or fitness facility nearby?
There is a few gyms in town. You can inquire for further information from our manager.

What should we wear or bring?
The weather is warm and tropical throughout the year. Be sure to bring light clothes, sunscreen and creams, sandals, hats to clothes to protect from the sun.

How does the food work? Is it included?
Rental prices do not include food. You can either buy your food yourself or our staff will gladly do it for you, at no extra cost. The staff will provide you with receipts. 

In order to make your arrival the smoothest possible, we can buy the food for the first 3 meals in advance (dinner for the first day, breakfast and lunch for the following day). Our kitchen and our staff are set up to prepare each meal for you. You can choose your menu for the week and they will shop for you (unless you prefer to shop yourself), and prepare it for you for each meal. Please let us know if you have any allergies or special food request. 

If you wish to also have some of your meals in town then feel free to do that.

Does the staff speak English?
Our staff is from Puerto Escondido and therefore mostly speaks Spanish, but is very good at understanding your needs. Our manager, speaks English and Spanish and is available to assist you with any questions.